Extended Care Program

Essential medical services in Ontario are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). There are other medical procedures and administrative services that are not covered by OHIP, for which patients are billed directly. It is possible that these services may be covered by other forms of insurance you have, for example group benefits through your employer. However, it is expected that all uninsured services must be paid in full when rendered.

In order to save our patients the headache of paying for uninsured service on a one-by one basis, we have developed an Extended Coverage Plan. The plan covers you for a year of service. There is no obligation to subscribe.

There are both individual and family plans. The family plan covers two or more patients from the same household. The plan begins the day you sign up, and covers you for one (1) year.

Individual Plan: $150
Family Plan $300

The following uninsured services are included in the Extended Coverage Plan. Note that maximums are per person for family plans.

Service Covered Uninsured Cost
Prescription Renewal by fax/phone Unlimited (at MD’s discretion – not all prescriptions should be renewed without a check-up) $20/prescription
Lost Prescription/Referral note Unlimited $20/occurrence
Missed appointment Maximum two $40/occurence
Missed Physical/Major Visit Maximum one $80
Sick/Back to work note Unlimited $20
Day-Care/School/Camp note Unlimited $20/note
Completion of Forms (not listed above) 1 $30-$100
Telephone advice/Consultation during office hours 5 minutes twice a year $25/call
Uninsured Vaccination admin fee Unlimited $15
TB Skin Test Maximum two $15/test
Mailing Charges Unlimited (excludes registered or couriered mail) $5 and up
Immunization Records Replacement/Summary Maximum 2 $20/occurrence
Faxing and Photocopying Unlimited $40 pages 1-5, $3 thereafter
Transfer of Medical Records Unlimited $50 pages 1-5, $3 thereafter